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I was at a wedding last weekend, and I met a very stylish girl who had the most impeccable top knot going on.  Since I’m always trying to suss out great hair stylists and salons to list on BeautyNow, I asked her where she got her hair styled for the evening. I nearly fell out of my chair when she said she did it herself with this Hot Buns bun-creator thingie she picked up for $10 at Bed Bath & Beyond!


Naturally I had to try it out for myself, especially after my new friend told me she had super-thin hair that was shorter than mine.  I’d always wondered how all these people were walking around with big fat doughnuts of hair on top of their heads.  Maybe I’m late to the game on this one, but I never suspected that maybe they were using an “As Seen On TV!” bun-maker!  So THAT’S how they do it!!  Here’s the look I was going for:

topknot top_knot

The Hot Buns box comes with two sizes of foam pieces with snaps to create small and large buns.  Here is what the large size looks like when snapped:


How does it work?  First you put your hair in a normal ponytail (high or low, depending on where you want your topknot).  Then place the foam thing at the end of your ponytail.  Roll your hair up and then snap the foam thing.  Now pull out the elastic drawstring, and wrap it around the whole bun, like you are putting on another rubber band.  Finally spread your hair out to cover the foam.  That’s it!  No bobby pins needed.  The result:

IMG_2398 IMG_2397


The result?  Not exactly a Lauren Conrad-level bun, but at least my bun doesn’t look like it belongs at a five-year-old’s dance recital.  I think Hot Buns is a keeper for Day Three hair!



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